Optimizing E-commerce: Crafting a Mobile Application
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Optimizing E-commerce: Crafting a Mobile Application

This case study shows how our team of only two iOS Engineers joined a client’s team that was overwhelmed with their tasks. We seamlessly integrated into their existing team and helped them with tasks that needed to be done, but were always pushed to the end of the priority list.


An overview:

Project duration4 Months
Team size2 iOS Engineers
TechnologyMobile Development
Project goal
  • Backlog clean-up
  • Improve application stability and performance
  • Image editing options
  • Compatibility with older iOS versions
  • Future proof considerations
  • Project finished on time
  • Fixed all bottlenecks and bugs
  • Improved stability and performance
Technologies and tools used on the project
  • Swift
  • Interface Builder
  • Alamofire
  • IMG.LY
  • LaunchDarkly
  • Sentry


About the Client

Our client is a company that operates in the United States and provides their customers with an E-commerce platform. The platform has a web portal and a mobile app with barcode scanner for easily accessing information with options for creating, viewing, and updating products.


Project Goals

The client reached out to us with the aim of expediting progress on their ongoing project. We assigned two of our dedicated iOS Engineers to seamlessly integrate with their current team. The scope of the project encompassed introducing new features, enhancing existing ones, and resolving any issues through bug fixing.

Backlog Clean-up

The client has consistently prioritized tasks, but over time, they have struggled to find the necessary time to address the entire backlog. They recently conducted a reevaluation of their backlog, closing tasks that were no longer relevant. Then, they assigned to us the tasks that still align with their current objectives.

Improve Application Stability and Performance

The client encountered an issue where the application was unstable during a specific and rare use case. Upon investigation, we identified a memory problem while listing the products. This fix significantly improved the user experience.

Image Editing Options

We’ve implemented a new page offering advanced controls for zoom, contrast, and flash adjustments. These image manipulation tools have made a substantial difference in elevating the quality of photos within the application.



The mobile app is widely used on iOS devices operating on versions prior to 13. They are willing to continue providing support to those users, but intend to replace it with SwiftUI in the future.

Device Compatibility

This posed a challenge because we had to perform extensive compatibility testing to ensure consistent behavior across a range of device models and iOS versions. As iOS updates are released, maintaining compatibility with the latest versions and addressing any issues that arise requires ongoing effort.

Future Proof Consideration

As we work on refining and enhancing the existing features of our application, we are mindful of the potential transition to SwiftUI, Apple’s innovative UI toolkit. While our focus is on optimizing the app’s performance and user experience, we are also laying the groundwork for a smooth migration to SwiftUI in the future.



This case study demonstrates how our team of only two iOS Engineers integrated with a client’s overwhelmed team, tackling tasks that had long been deprioritized. Not only did we meet the project deadline, but we also resolved all bottlenecks and bugs, significantly enhancing the application’s performance and stability. The implementation of advanced image editing options further elevated the quality of photos within the application, offering a superior user experience.


“Together, we addressed tasks that had previously lingered at the bottom of the priority list, providing timely assistance and expertise.”


While working diligently to improve the application, we remained forward-thinking, considering the transition to SwiftUI. With a future-proof approach, we ensure that the application remains adaptable and aligned with evolving technology trends, setting the stage for a migration to SwiftUI when the time is right.

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