What can you offer your employees when they already have flexible & remote work, spas, massages, and a competitive salary?
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What can you offer your employees when they already have flexible & remote work, spas, massages, and a competitive salary?

It’s not easy being a small to medium IT firm in an extremely competitive world. There will always be a company that will out-bid them in terms of money, comfortability, and benefits. Engineers – good ones, at least – are people who don’t lack money, who don’t need movie nights on Wednesdays, or parachuting trips on their birthdays. So, what CAN you offer them?

So far, you had the opportunity to read about the experiences of our clients. Yet, we wanted to give you something extra. A sneak-peak behind the curtain, if you will. A story based on real-life events, from the perspective of someone who had an in-depth experience of life at BDIT.


BDIT crew having fun

What makes engineers tick at BDIT?

This is a story about what we believe turns the gear of an engineer who is looking for a new opportunity – a job that would thrill them and be a challenge.

BDIT started by working in big data. Now, we offer a lot more than that; but at the very beginning, not many IT firms in Serbia were dealing with big data. There were a few, here-and-there, mostly in Belgrade. 

At the time, BDIT was just starting to invest in its branding and expansion. In those years there would be around 5 engineers, sitting in an apartment, with a laptop each. There was no cinema Wednesdays, Happy Hour Fridays, lounging with a PS4 for hours on end. No fake corporate talk about how we’re all one happy family. No one expected you to go to dinner after work, or have endless small talk in the company kitchen; yet – it felt like family. For BDIT it is important that people love going to the office. Not because they have to – but because it feels good being there.

Less playtime, more challenges

There are certainly some engineers who would devote their life to only work. But, just like most of us, they have their family and friends, and it is essential for everyone to have flexibility to use time as they see fit. 

However, work is a huge part of all our lives. To someone who watches from the outside and doesn’t know or care much about this line of work, it may seem as if software engineers are just sitting in a chair, typing on the keyboard doing who-knows-what; but the truth is, from a point of view of an engineer – a good salary is something you come to expect. The real beauty and benefits of this job are learning, growing, and challenging themselves. Working on different projects that will push them: out of their comfort zone and straight into a whirlpool of trials and challenges. 

Freedom to speak your mind AND be heard

Here is a little anecdote:

A few years ago, one of the employees at BDIT came to Siniša and said:

“Look, I feel like I could be doing more. I am giving it 80% instead of 100%. And I don’t think that’s fair to anyone. I notice that the project I’m working on is no longer pushing me to learn. I don’t progress as much as I want to”. 

In any other company, they might be dreading talking to management, let alone the CEO. But not at BDIT.  Siniša started looking for a project that would suit the engineer more. The result? A project that made them want to give even more than a 100%. It involved working on a project with a company from San Francisco; this meant all the latest technologies, learning, and growing at the pace that they could previously only dream of..

Knowledgeable coworkers who’ll help you grow

What BDIT also prides itself in, is the combination of people working together; coworkers who are like a goldmine of knowledge. Oftentimes, engineers start talking about random things, unrelated to work and projects they’re collaborating on, and still end up learning something new. We like it to be an inspiring surrounding and have that be another reason why our employees love working together as much as they do.

When you spend so much time working alongside someone, they must be not only great at what they’re doing but also decent human beings. All of that is possible due to a careful selection process and a wonderful management team. They, together with Siniša, have a great ability to pick people who will fit amazingly well with the rest of the team. 

Conclusion: what truly matters to an engineer – from an engineer’s perspective

When reading about all these factors and situations, it’s starting to become more clear what truly matters. Not the salary, or free lunches, or a gaming room – for most engineers, it is being valued as an employee and a person. Being recognized for their talents, and being listened to when they need it. Growing, learning, advancing, and improving.

So, I guess we should end it with this: as all companies, BDIT surely wants to grow and get new clients and projects; but we can say for a fact that they would never let their engineers stagnate or be unsatisfied. 

It’s one thing to say that you’re all one big happy family, but completely another to act that way. 

And BDIT – does.